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Updates on global trends in international collaboration

Why virtual sessions?

Tight schedules and reduced budgets limit your employees’ cross-cultural preparation. Therefore we created a live, virtual country-specific training program that reduces costs, increases the long-term impact of the cultural session and is attractive to Gen X and Y (we are working on one for Gen Z). This is an engaging, individually tailored program which answers country-specific business- and social life-related questions.

Benefits of live, virtual sessions

– Convenient – As employees struggle to balance the demands of work and home, online sessions allow them to learn from different locations.

– Time-saving – in the face-to-face training scheduling is a great limitation on learning. By going virtual both the assignee and the trainer can easily schedule the session despite different time zones.

– Broad access to experts worldwide – it might be hard to ensure the best expertise possible in a F2F mode. If we take away this limitation, your employees will have access to highly specialized cross-cultural communication experts and country resources in the world.

– Lower cost – By signing up for a virtual, live session you save not only time, but also money on employees’ and trainers’ travel expenses, accommodation, and other costs, while getting the same or better quality of service supported by modern, interactive technology which speeds up the learning curve.

– Virtual skills development – During the sessions we are able to practice virtual communication skills and show best practices of virtual facilitation needed on the job.