Our Team

Our team of experienced and credentialed experts will equip you with practical skills and country related knowledge helping you achieve success working in specific country or region.

For over 15 years we have built a worldwide network of associates. Many of them are dedicated professionals who co-created Cultural Detective, a tool which is co-authored by Paul Walentynowicz, the founder of country experts.

In order to bring the most recent expertise to our clients, we also maintain close relations with members of Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR) in Europe, USA and Asia attending and speaking at their conferences.

Having our offices located at the core of the Western (Amsterdam and Brussels) and Central-Eastern Europe (Wroclaw) and a representation in the US, you will benefit from our synergies created by these locations.


Our mission is to increase effectiveness of business travelers, expats and satisfaction of their families using top niche country experts supported by technology and modern learning environment. We offer:

– Consistency of approach across countries resulting in similar skills level and cultural intelligence across the company.

Excellent team of experienced trainers and consultants worldwide, working through all time zones and in most business languages.

– Comprehensive materials and modern tools focused on deep understanding of business culture, social codes and continuous learning of the trainees.

– Ongoing coaching for business and adjustment support for expat and family.Unique live, virtual training approach saving time and money.


If you are interested in our solutions for virtual global teams and all people working internationally please visit PWCIB website