PWCIB Academy - London 29-30 of May

It’s time for a paradigm shift in London

Due to the many inquiries about the availability of our trainings, we have decided to adjust the PWCIB Academy program for Western European groups and present you with an open training, focused strongly on challenges that managers from your region face. This spring we will conduct tailor made trainings in some cities in Central and Western Europe, helping you with upgrading your skills and positioning in the international markets.


Thanks to PWCIB Academy you will:

●       Develop your Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

●       Break through labelling, creating partnerships based co-operation.

●       Increase your effectiveness when working with foreigners.

●       Increase your communication skills in a multinational environment.

●       Become more recognized and appreciated.


 What do you receive within PWCIB Academy?

●       2 full days of intercultural training

●       4 month of CQ-Workout Access

●       4 months of access to a closed member forum

●       4 Mastermind sessions lead by top experts in international cooperation


Do you need more personalized program?

You can upgrade your training with:

  • Country specific sessions on a country of interest
  • Coaching via on-line chat
  • Coaching via telephone


 All the possibilities of program upgrades you can found here: 

 If you are interested in the training program, but you can’t participate on it in person, sign up for an online training. 

If your company would like to invest in the development of cultural intelligence for a large number of employees, please contact [email protected]. You can also forward this brochure to your HR department.

Click on the city of choice for more info:

 Wrocław, Poland, 22-23 of March

Bucharest, Romania, 3-4 of April

Brussels, Belgium, 11-12 of May

Prague, Czech 15-16 of May

Cracow, Poland, 18-19 of May

London, UK, 29-30 of May

Warsaw, Poland, 12-13 of September

PWCIB Academy UK

If you are paying for the training individually please click below “Purchase Offer”. If your company wants to invest in Cultural Intelligence development please contact [email protected] Please mind that program CQ-Workout, masterminds and forum are ran in English.

£1,110.00 GBP