Whenever you work with people around the world... do it better. 


What is CQ-Workout?

CQ-Workout is a powerful program that allows employees, leaders and managers to learn about working styles in over 90 business cultures, ensuring outstanding international collaboration. It is based on 20 years of global of global experience in areas of cross-border collaboration.


What techniques are we using?

  • Self-paced learning (movies, readings, eBooks, audios and presentations)
  • Activities (quizzes, assignments, exercises)
  • Self-reflection (personal cultural preference check, experience- and self-related questions)
  • Webinar - The materials are addressed in an engaging way. Clarification will be given on the topics of each of the modules.
  • Q&A sessions with an expert. For the whole period of the modules duration you will receive access to the CQ-community and monthly Q&A sessions. The most common and most interesting questions will be answered by leading experts from the field.


Programs of modules:

Discover cultural intelligence
The first module focuses strongly on the first steps of developing a cultural intelligence and cultural awareness:

  • getting knowledge regarding what actually is culture, cultural intelligence and why it is important to look beyond stereotypes
  • rating your own cultural competences
  • self-assessment of your own cultural preferences on 9 different dimensions
  • learning about cultures of the countries with which the participants work with and identifying the biggest existing cultural gaps and their implications on cooperation and communication


Develop cultural intelligence
The second module is dedicated to developing knowledge about the different culture which the participant works with:

  • recognizing cultural differences and how to leverage them instead of simply fighting or managing them
  • improving cross-cultural communication and learning to avoid miscommunication in spoken and written form
  • selecting proper strategies in cultural “risk” situations with specific countries
  • identifying potential sources of conflict: culture, age, gender, humor, etc.


Deepen cultural intelligence
In the third module we will focus on deepening the knowledge about cultural differences when working with internal and external clients:


  • learning about implications of cultural differences in business and customer service and how to use them in your favor
  • managing conflicts and misunderstandings in international environments
  • adapting to cultural differences
  • strategies for fostering inclusion, collaboration and innovation


Master cultural intelligence
The fourth module is focused on international team collaboration:

  • effective management and cooperation within international teams
  • motivation in international teams
  • other culture-related issues that may arise



Whenever you work with people around the world... do it better.   During a 4-module course you will explore and practice all facets of effective international collaboration which will enable you to work more effectively across cultures and geographies.    

$449.00 USD