PWCIB Academy online

Time for the paradigm change 

Can't join PWCIB Academy training in any of the European cities? Join PWCIB Academy online!


Facing many requests of people who cannot join any of the physical sessions, we have decided to adjust PWCIB Academy program for virtual groups and give you the opportunity to join the virtual program with hours of live and asynchronous interaction. This program helps you to upgrade your skills and positioning in international companies and work efficiently with foreigners and across generations and technologies.


Thanks to PWCIB Academy you will:

●       Develop your Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

●       Create a partnership based collaboration with your international colleagues, managers and clients

●       Increase your effectiveness when working with foreigners and across generations

●       Increase your communication skills in multinational environment

●       Become more recognized and appreciated

  See full benefits here.


What do you receive within PWCIB Academy?

●       4 half days of intercultural training online

●       4 month of CQ-Workout Access

●       4 months of access to closed member forum

●       4 Mastermind sessions lead by top experts of international cooperation


The training is fully performed online in English. 

Individual trainees can subscribe here.
If your company decides to invest in Cultural Intelligence development, please contact [email protected] for a tailor-made, in-company program. Feel free to share this file with your manager of HR. 


If you’re around in one of these cities, please book your seat directly :

 Wrocław, Poland, 22-23 of March

Bucharest, Romania, 3-4 of April

Brussels, Belgium, 11-12 of May

Prague, Czech 15-16 of May

Kraków, Poland, 18-19 of May

London, UK, 29-30 of May

Warszawa, Poland, 12-13 of September

PWCIB Academy - virtual training

 If you are paying for the training individually please click below “Purchase Offer”. If your company wants to invest in Cultural Intelligence development please contact [email protected] . Please mind that program CQ-Workout, masterminds and forum are ran in English.

€950,00 EUR